Order Management and Customer Service
Customer Service helps set us apart from the others and what will distinguish you as a supplier.  
Retail order fulfillment expertise with full Retail EDI capability; VICS and GS1 / EAN compliant.
Order Management  retailers routinely measure a number of factors in regards to order performance and fill rate.  We are experienced in working within each retailer's
specific guidelines and our goal is always superior performance.  It is our attention to detail that puts us in the top tier of retail operational performance score-cards.   

Other features:

  •  Direct EDI or Proprietary Trading Partnerships with Retailers, Distributors and Importers
  •  Fully VICS EDI Compliant for all EDI Transactions Utilized by US Retailers and Distributors  
  •  EDI or Manual Order Receipt and Entry
  •  Customer Directed Order Inquiry / Change
  •  Secure Order, Terms, and Price Validation
  •  Build and Maintain Necessary Customer and Product Tables
  •  Flexible Product Allocation and Release in Accordance with Customer Requirements
  •  Timely Feedback Order Activity / Status / Shipments / Cancellations
  •  Immediate and Accurate EDI or Manual (Paper) Invoicing
  •  Experienced with 3rd Party Electronic Product Catalogs such as iNovis, GXS, UCCNet
Customer Service  It is more than making sure the shipment went out.  Customer Service is one of the things that sets us apart from the others - and what will distinguish
you as an outstanding supplier with your customer.  We understand good Customer Service and have the track record to prove it.  We provide full traditional, or call center
customer support to solidify the link between you and your customers.

  • Versatile IT Systems with Full Pipeline Visibility to Maximize Fill Rate
  • Quick Response to Inquiries on Current / Future Inventory Availability and Needs  
  •  Monitor Changes to Vendor Compliance and Route Guides
  •  Decision Support on Product Allocation and Order Priorities   
  •  Shipment tracking / Proof of Delivery / Troubleshooting
  •  Manage and Control Merchandise Returns Process

Retail Claims Management – understanding retail requirements.  Shortages, damage claims, customer returns, route violations, improper labeling, substandard fill
rate penalties … etc, all take their toll and can substantially reduce your profit.  Our job is to help you minimize your claims and maintain your profitability.

  •   Expertise on current retail requirements, processes and standards
  •   Continuously monitor and changes in the vendor guidelines, adjusting processes as necessary
  •   Communicate requirements to the manufacturer and all partners in the supply chain process
  •   Provide informed recommendations to minimize charges backs
  •   Provide a complete and impartial investigation of any claims received