Finance & Admin Services
Need More?   iGS can help you with a variety of services depending upon your requirements
Inventory / Demand Planning

  • Inventory Control and Analysis  
  • Facilitate Demand Planning
  •  POS and ROS Analysis
  •  Inventory Trend Analysis
Start Up / Administrative

  •  U.S. Incorporation
  •  Assist in obtaining banking programs - including factoring arrangements
  •  Registration with Retail Compliance organizations
  •  Arrange U.S. Customs Brokerage Services
Other In-House Services

  •  Quality Control Audits and Inspections
  •  Re-handling
  •  Facilitate the Sale of Excess, Closeout, or Off-quality Inventory
Do you need help getting your business setup in the U.S.?  Integrated Global Services has experience in start-up operations including incorporating in the US. We can also
arrange for other services outside our area of expertise - such as tax and legal services..
  •  Maintain Accounts Receivable / Accounts Payable
  •  Cash application and collection
  •  Claims investigation and processing
  •  Profitability Analysis of customers, products and programs
  • Cash flow management