Save time, money and errors.  We've put together
the supply-chain operations network for you.
Why Choose Integrated Global Services To Be Your
'Back Room' Operations in the U.S.?

  • Expedience - An established, proven  operations network that can have you up and running in the
    US in a matter of weeks - not months.
  • Experience - A proven track record with over 25 years of business experience in retail order
    fulfillment processes, industry standards, and vendor compliance to the retail and hospitality trade
  • Full Service Solutions - Integrating EDI, logistics, warehousing, distribution, order management
    and customer service
  •  Integrated Supply Network - Moving product from manufacturing through retail distribution
    utilizing a single source network
  •  Electronic Trading Partner - Full EDI capabilities to meet your customer's expectations
  •  Economies of Scale - Pooling of resources to achieving operating efficiencies
  •  Independent - Working for your business interests with quantifiable results on your vendor
    scorecard.  Your success is our success
An efficient supply chain, superior Customer Service and vendor compliance expertise - we can improve your presence with U.S. Retailers.