Our Model

Quality, price and service have, and always will be the keys to success in the global
marketplace. In this global economy, competition come from not just down the street - but from
the other side of the world. The price and quality components are critical, but the reality is that
there are many suppliers throughout the world with similarly priced, high quality product. The
underlying premise of the IGS business model heightens the service component, distinguishing
our offshore clients from the competition by providing the supply network within the U.S. to
distribute product to the U.S.retail market.    .

iGS solution of a U.S.based presence employs a hybrid of supply models:  combining the
benefits of direct import and domestically maintained replenishment.  The supplier is able to
react quickly to changes in demand through expedient and precise replenishment – and the
ability to reach more customers.   

The model realigns the ownership of the global supply chain, achieving cost reductions
through economies of scale, elimination of redundancies, better accountability and
optimization.  The model minimizes uncertainty, reduces the number of hand-offs during critical
stages and mitigates the effect of long delivery cycle time while improving information flow and
customer support.  
Our network design allows for customized, inter-changeable components and partners depending upon our client's needs.  The benefit to our offshore clients is that they
can have established a proven high quality, reliable and efficient supply chain operation in the US  within a matter of weeks.  Our single focus is to provide the service
and expertise to the US retailer on your behalf.  

The application of
 iGS business model results in a shared commitment.  iGS leads the way in this commitment by providing a cost advantageous global supply solution
while delivering superior service.