foreign-made product to major retailers, manufacturers and distributors.

A Talented Team with Developed Skills and
Expertise in Supply Chain, Business and

  •  Retail Supply Chain
  •  Vendor Compliance / VICS Standards
  •  Warehousing and Distribution
  •  Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
  •  Logistics
  •  Customer Service
  •  Order Management
  •  Demand Planning
  •  Retail Claims Management

Integrated Global Services and affiliated partners have the expertise in EDI and retail order fulfillment to maximize your
flexibility and add value as a vendor.  We work with your sales team to present a seamless integrated front.
A good 3PL is only a part of the solution.  There are many excellent 3rd party logistics providers (3PL) that have physical warehousing and distribution capabilities - but
few have the retail fulfilment capabilities and in particular, the necessary experience.  From what we have seen, many times those that profess to have the retail experience
have done so using their client's systems and under their direction. We prefer to use the warehouse partners in our network who are proven in retail fulfillment.  IGS and
partners have a proven track record of operations excellence - which is supported by the vendor score-cards issued by the retailers. We can work with another warehouse of
your choosing, should you already have an established relationship.  At your request, we would be glad to make an assessment of their capabilities to make sure they have
the necessary means to meet your business needs..

IGS provides the "back-room" operations to manage the customer order fulfilment processes through the entire order cycle.  We work with both the 3PL and your sales staff
to ensure customer requirements are being met - which allows your sales staff to spend more time in the field.  Most major retailers
inquiries will remain strictly confidential.  

  • Full EDI Capabilities
  • Order Management and Processing
  • Inbound Logistics from Manufacturer to U.S. Destination
  • Warehousing and Distribution
  • Superior Customer Service
  • Expert Vendor Compliance and Claims Management
  • Inventory and Demand Management
  • Business Support Services in Accounting, Legal and Receivables